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reminiscing2004's Visual Kei Sale

Inexpensive Mint CD's

27 February
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Hello, everyone!

Selling a lot of my Visual Kei CD's (and DVD's). Most of these have been untouched, only opened to rip the CD. All CD's and DVD's are in perfect functioning order and all releases include their original packaging (Obi and flyers in booklet), except where listed otherwise.

If you really disagree with a price I have listed, let me know what you think would be more fair and I'll consider your offer!

Based in West Coast, United States and expecting you to pay shipping. Let me know where you are located and I can give you an estimation of prices for your location and options for delivery speed. I don't have any specific rules to it, but if you end up buying many items and you are friendly, I'll throw in free shipping! Per usual, if there is damaging or something due to the shipper, I'm not responsible, but given a crisis I will try my best to be accommodating.

Seeing as I am totally new to livejournal and made the account after lurking the jrockforsale group, feel free to ask for additional photos of a release you are interested in! I am happy to give you very specific information on an item, if you are curious or want verification.

Paypal only, please.
happy cd owners, visual kei